Church History

The Bethel Born Again Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic was established under the leadership of the Powerful Man of God, Chief Apostle Bishop Dr. Luther Martin Allison (BH) L


 In the year of Hurricane Charlie, 1951, Luther Allison, a Trinitarian Street Preacher and Basic School Teacher of Mocho, Clarendon, Jamaica, met    Bishop Chambers of Rehoboth Apostolic Church, May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica at a Crusade in Clarendon and was converted and got baptized in Jesus' name by Bishop Russell.  He continue for awhile at Mocho, but soon after he moved to Kingston on a divine call and established a Church at Crescent Road, then a short stay at Delamere Road.  Bishop Crawford, who was Brother Crawford at the time, saw this place on Oakland Road one day while he was riding his bicycle and inform Bishop Allison and soon after the Church was relocated to what is now known as 3 - 5 Oakland Road.


During these early years Bishop Allison ministered under the banner of the Rehoboth Ministry with Bishop Chambers being the Island Bishop and      Bishop Carr being the International Presiding Bishop.


In 1980, Bishop Allison left the Rehoboth Ministry and joined with                Bishop John Barber of South Carolina, U.S.A. who was the Chief Apostle and Presiding Prelate of the Born Again Apostolic Churches.


In 1991 Bishop Allison left Born Again remained alone for about two (2) years and return to Rehoboth in 1993, but in 1994 he left Rehoboth and joined with   Pastor Donald Abernathy of New Life Assembly of Stone Mountain, Georgia, U.S.A.  During these years a move to incorporate the Church started by  Bishop Allison in the way of registering the Church under the name Bethel Born Again Apostolic Church.


In 1999 the Church left New Life Assembly and continue on its own since.  Bishop Allison then appoints Bishop Blackwood of Queens, New York, U.S.A. to Preside over the Church's Annual Convocation in 2000 and Bishop Codner was appointed as Assistant Pastor at the Church.


In 2004 the Incorporation of the Church move to the next level in publishing its own Dicipline Book (Black Book) and in October of the same year started to issue its own Credentials and Licence to its Officers.


In January 2009 Bishop Choyes Codner was installed as the Pastor of the Church and in October of the same year he was Installed as the International Presiding Bishop of The Bethel Born Again Apostolic Churches Incorporated (Worldwide),due to the passing of our Founder and Chief Apostle Bishop Luther Martin Allison(BH)L. 


 The Organization now numbers Six(6) Churches, one (1) in Canada, one (1) in U.S.A., and Four (4) in Jamaica, with Six (6) Bishops, Three (3) Overseers, numberous Elders, Evangelists, Deacons, Missionaries, Ministers and Exhorters








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